Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Change is the only constant, they say. Now tell me, who, particularly, are they? How dare they seep in our lives in that sly condescending manner? What makes them think they have the right to do so?
They say this and that. They say black and white.
And whatever they say, would apparently be the right thing for everyone to rely on. 

It's not a bloody conspiracy who those fuckers are. These damn leeches who depend on juicy havoc for life.
'Cos let me tell you something:
Those fuckers are really us.

Truth be told, there is no "they". That's just the innocent disguise we put on for manipulation.
When you say,
"They say, she lost her virginity on prom night".
You're really just saying,
"I say, she lost her virginity on prom night. Yeah, what a bitch. Serves her right for spilling her lancome mascara all over my designer dress."

So fuck me.
Fuck you.
And fuck everyone else.

Excuse my vulgarity above but seriously, I do find it nessacary. It's just that, shit, life's been a piercing pain in the ass. An irritating pain that seems never to cease.
friends,There are a few speckled here and there, and I do appreciate their somewhat-loyalty. But these rarities aren't enough to balance out such a hectic life like mine. I know I might be too picky when it comes to friendship, and that I don't really accept people easily, warts and all. However, there is a reason behind everything. You see, everytime I accept someone new into my life, they'd do nothing but suck all the fucking life out of me. I've encountered way too many experiences like this to not be able to comprehend the cunning plans they have. 
Innocence in your face. Bitch behind your back. 
Dude, shit, is that some sort of sick motto for all the acquaintances in the world?

people change

You were my best friend. I could rely on you, trust in your promises, and convince myself that you will always be there for me. We enjoyed the kinship that was once free of complications. But now you are no longer that cheerful person I once knew. I can't express my disappointment for you now, I really can't. You are now a dishonest bitch. I say this with reluctance but with reason.

You make me rise my eyebrows at your actions, roll my eyes at your desperate attempt to search for attention. And as you read this passage, I am sure you'd think that I am referring to somebody else, not you. Of course not you.

But this nonchalant behavior of yours is wrong. Please wake up, my once best friend. We still care for you and wish for the best. Please do not neglect us, your true friends, any further. We still care for you but time is running out.

People change, I did for the better, but you did for the worst. I really wish I can talk to you honesetly now, instead of sending hidden codes through this passage, but I know you will be ignorant. All I can do now, is hope.

Recently I've gained a new dilemna. I've never really witnessed a good friend turning into a monster before - bt now i guess i have.
and again, for those who are making assumptions again, please realize that you're wrong. he's not the only problem in my life okay?